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Mandolin Quilt Club! Upfront Payment

$119.00 AUD

This is the Paid Upfront listing! All prices include shipping. If you are purchasing the Fabric Bundle and do not live in Australia, please select the 'International' option. If there is an error, we will invoice you the extra amount and your order may be delayed. Thank you!

Join me in making the 2018 Mandolin Quilt! This beautiful, intricate quilt has been broken down into bite size pieces for a fun and enjoyable experience, slow stitching a large quilt.  

We'll be making 2 blocks and 1 setting block per month for 10 months, and the rest of the setting and edge blocks in the final 2 months. The club will go for a total of 12 months.

Folks who pay upfront will still get monthly packages, they will only be charged once at the beginning. This is a great option for those who know they want to make the whole quilt, would like to save a little money, and don't want to worry about making sure there's enough each month in their PayPal account. :)

Ava & Neve will be providing 10 x fat 16ths of Liberty Fabrics each month, curated by me, for those that choose the Papers and Fabric option. These fabrics will be included in the first 10 months of the club.

Fabrics for the setting blocks will not be included. They can be purchased separately or you can choose your own. 

Check out this blog post for more information including fabric requirements, a link to the colouring page, and the block tutorial!

Included in the cost is a regular email with inspiration, tutorials, tips and the quilt pattern. 

*Due to the high volume of sales, we might take a little longer than our 2 days to send out your order. Papers only orders will go out from the 8th January, Fabric and Papers will be shipped from the 16th. Thank you for your understanding!*


And the part I always hate! Please note the following 'rules':

Pictured in the final image are our plans for the first 3 months of the Liberty Fabric bundle. These may change depending on availability.   

Paid Upfront Club Members cannot change or cancel their subscription 

We will not be offering any 'late entries' into the club.

We cannot offer pick up from our studio.

First orders for the subscription/club may be combined with other products, but we will not be combining future monthly orders with others.

We will not be altering the subscription in anyway. 

I can't wait to stitch with you! If you'd like to see a beautiful selection of Mandolin blocks in a great range of fabrics and styles, check out the #mandolinquilt hashtag on Instagram. 

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