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45 degree Kite Paper Pieces

$8.50 AUD

45 degree Kites are actually the same shape as 4 Point Stars, but these are a collection measured by the short edge instead of the long one.

What difference does it make? If you want the short edge to match up with other shapes like octagons or 8 point diamonds, use these ones. The long edge will be an unusual length that won't match with anything but itself, making it perfect for these Wintergreen flowers pictured. If you want the long edge to match up, use the 4 Point Star. The short edge of a 4 Pt Star can only match with itself.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

For perhaps over 400 years, English Paper Piecing has been used to make beautiful, heirloom quilts. It’s meditative, portable, simple, and perfect for fabric scraps or fussy cutting.

All of our paper pieces are laser cut for accuracy from high-quality 100% post consumer, recycled paper, and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging. The quantities in each packet are determined by the most efficient way to cut a large sheet of paper.

The shapes in the pictures are 1 1/2" 45deg Kites, which have been matched up with 1 1/2" 8 pt diamonds and 1 1/2" Octagons.

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