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Ice Cream Soda

The Ice-Cream Soda Club is by far my most popular pattern. Over 200 people signed up for the monthly papers subscription in February this year! If you missed out and would still like to make the quilt, you can buy the individual shape packs in my shop. To make a complete quilt, you'll need the following shapes. Head to my MAKE page for the Ice-Cream Soda blossom tutorial!

  Product Title Price Quantity
6pt Diamonds 1" 6pt Diamonds - 740 Pack $12.00
Kite Paper Peices 1" Kites - 290 Pack $10.50
Kite Paper Peices 1" Kites - 165 Pack $7.50
Crowns (1/3 Hexagon) 2" Crowns (1/3 Hexagon) - 145 Pack $8.50
Equilateral Triangles 2" Equilateral Triangles - 205 Pack $6.50