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Mandolin Quilt

  • from $15.00 AUD

It's here! After a year of amazing Mandolin stitching by the 2018 Mandolin Quilt Club, the complete kit and pattern is finally available!

Mandolin is a beautiful, circular design, made from classic EPP shapes.

Finished quilt size: 60" x 75"

The Kit includes a paper copy of the pattern and all the pieces you'll need to make the quilt.

  • 2" Squares
  • 2" Diamonds
  • 2" Triangles
  • 2" Hexagons
  • 1" x 2" Rectangles
  • 2" Half Triangles
  • 2" Vertical Half Hexagons
  • 2" Half Hexagons
  • 2" Quarter Hexagon

The optional Acrylic Template set includes  2" Square, 2" Hexagon, 2" 6-point Diamond, and 2" Equilateral Triangle. You can choose to purchase them separately or with the kit! 

The pattern is also available as a PDF for immediate download. 

All of our acrylic templates come with a protective polyethylene sticker to avoid scratching and breakages during production and transit. Simply peel off before use. Wipe with a wet cloth if any sticker remains.

Tales of Cloth aims to be an earth-friendly business! We don't use any plastic packaging. Our cellophane bags are 100% plant based and biodegradable, and our paper and paper envelopes are manufactured in Australia from only post-consumer recycled product.

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