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Square Paper Pieces

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Squares are measured by the length of their side.

It might seem a little unusual to use paper pieces for a shape that can easily be machine-sewn. But if you've seen a bunch of squares placed around a hexagon or octagon, or, well, any shape, you'll know that immediately a whole new world of tiling patterns emerges!

The Squares in the finished Trip Around the World quilt are 1.5". There are 625 squares for a 38" square finish. Pattern coming soon!

The Squares in the last photo are 2". They're matched with 2" Hexagons, 2" 6-point Diamonds, and 2" Equilateral Triangles. This is the middle of a Mandolin block – papers can be bought here and acrylic templates here.

All our paper pieces are laser cut for accuracy from high-quality 100% post-consumer, recycled paper, and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging. The quantities in each packet are determined by the most efficient way to cut a large sheet of paper. All shapes are cut in our workshop in Castlemaine, Australia.

You will receive the number of paper pieces listed in the options. Listing is for paper pieces only.




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