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Hexagon Paper Pieces

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Hexagons are measured along one side, and all the sides are equal. The width of a Hexagon is twice its side length.

Ah Hexies! The original Paper Piece. And you can see why. The design possibilities using the hexagon grid are endless! From Grandmother's Flower Garden to diamonds or waves, they're the perfect shape for showing off your favourite collection or using up all your left over little bits.

My scrappy Clover Quilt in the pictures uses 1" Hexagons, while the oversized pillow cover I made with my daughter used 2" Hexagons. (And by the way, because the card stiffens the fabric and keeps it in shape, it was the perfect little project for my 5-year-old and me!)

Hexagons are also used in these patterns: the Bon Bon Fun Size Quilt, the Cherish Quilt, and the Mistletoe Quilt.  

Hexagon acrylic templates can be found here.

All our paper pieces are laser cut for accuracy from high-quality 100% post-consumer, recycled paper, and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging. The quantities in each packet are determined by the most efficient way to cut a large sheet of paper. All shapes are cut in our workshop in Castlemaine, Australia.

You will receive the number of paper pieces listed in the options. Listing is for paper pieces only.


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