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Barrel Acrylic Template

Barrel Acrylic Template

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The Barrel Acrylic Template is perfect for fussy cutting coffins or for creating uniform seam allowances. 

The Barrel (also known as 'coffin') has measurements along both sides. The primary measurement is the short edge. The long edge is 1 1/2 x the short side. 

Laser cut from 3mm (1/8") acrylic, our clear templates feature a 3/8" seam allowance and have been designed for easy fabric viewing. We've put the etched side underneath so that if you mark your repeat with a whiteboard marker, you won't leave ink residue on the template.

All of our acrylic templates come with a protective polyethylene sticker to avoid scratching and breakages during production and transit. Simply peel off before use. Wipe with a wet cloth if any sticker remains.

Cut in our workshop in Castlemaine, Australia.

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